+This is our Kingdom of Hearts+

Day 01 – Favorite Kingdom Hearts game

I haven’t played them all, so can’t completely judge.. but most definately Kingdom Hearts II right now.

Day 02 –Favorite character

Roxas/Ventus  Theres just so much pain and agony, I feels that feels bro!

Day 03 – Least favorite character

Donald. His voice gives me a headache, always have! Sorry Kingdom Hearts! I have to say though, He’s grown on me in storyline wise. :)

Day 04 – Character you are most like

I’m not like any of them, but I have to say there is something to learn from each and every character!

Day 05 – Character you would be enemies with

Wow, I didn’t think this question would be hard. I think Xehanort would be my only big issue.. possibly annoying pete.

Day 06 – Favorite land

I LOVEEEE Nightmare before Christmas & the Lion King. <3  (hated the pirates of carriban level.. so boring to me.)

Day 07 – Favorite heartless

the dancers!

Day 08 – Most difficult boss battle

always the final battle for me.

Day 09 – Favorite music

Simple and Clean

Day 10 – Favorite original Disney character


Day 11 – Favorite original Final Fantasy character


Day 12 – Character you wish would be crossed over

Tangled I think! Would be a fun story line!

Day 13 – Favorite summon

Don’t really have one.

Day 14 – Favorite magic

cura and sleep

Day 15 – Favorite form

the lion form

Day 16 – Favorite clothing worn by any character

I love Kairi’s outfit in 2

Day 17 – Favorite intro

Kingdom hearts II

Day 18 – Favorite pairing

Sora Kairi - Roxas Namine, or perhaps Ventus and Kairi? :P

Day 19 – A picture of a Kingdom Hearts cosplay

Day 20 – Character you would cosplay as

oh god.. possibly just Olette!

Day 21 – Organization member you would get rid of


Day 22 – The scene that made you happiest

when Goofy wasn’t dead!

Day 23 – The scene that made you the saddest

When Goofy was “Dead”

Day 24 – Favorite key blade


Day 25 – Favorite gaming system to play Kingdom Hearts on

play station!

Day 26 – Favorite official art

oh god.. I love the stained glass of the characters

Day 27 – Favorite voice

Namines, I love Brit Snow

Day 28 – Least favorite voice



every fucking time.

omg! hate!

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Kingdom hearts ftw

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Ven: But my heart is fractured. And now…the little I have left is slipping away.

added a new tab!! now you can quickly see the gifs and fan art that I have created without having to scroll through all the screenies! Enjoy! More gifs and art to be added. :)

working on some ventus gifs for the requester. Not sure what “more responses” means.. but I’m going to aim for expressions?

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Ven: And this true hero thing?

Herc: It’s the only way I can become a god again. If I become a true hero, I can rejoin my father and go back to Olympus.

Ven: Wow… I guess you really got your work cut out for you!

Herc: But what about you? How come you’re here?

Ven: I’m…I’m just trying to make some friends.

Herc: Well, hey! You’ve done that already.

Ven: Huh?

Herc: C’mon, we’re friends, aren’t we?

Ven: You bet, Herc.

(Herc’s walking through the vestibule when…)

Ven: You want to become a true hero, huh?

(Herc stops and turns around.)

Herc: More than anything. See, my father is Zeus, the king of the gods up on Olympus.

Ven: Whoa! Herc, you’re a god?

Herc: No, no. I’m mortal. When I was a baby, somebody stole me from my parents, and…figured out how to take away my godhood.


Taking Kingdom hearts Birth by sleep gif requests! :)

reactions as in facial expressions? 

no music here!